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Gardening Education


Tehillah Yisra'EL 

Meet Your Instructor....

Tehillah Yisra'EL

is a Practical Herbalist, certified through Ascension Institute of Botanicals. She specializes in Traditional Western Herbalism, Ayurvedic Herbalism and Adaptogenic Herbs and now taking advanced studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  She founded Tehillah's Herbal Apothecary and currently makes herbal supplements and products availaible through her on- line store. 

As an herbalist Tehillah incorporates all healing herbal information and is a Cannabis Consultant and Cultivator trained thru Higher Learning Institutions. (The first African American founded fullscale Cannabis School in the world.


Tehillah, along  with several Seed Saving Harvesters, are working to build a heirloom seedbank to preserve pure seeds for our current and future generations. She is currently working with the Pontiac Farmers Market Initiative to help answer the 'food desert' problems in our communities.


In her free time Tehillah loves gorilla gardening, farming,  travelling, and writing (author of over 40 copyrighted songs and author of a published book entitled 'The Praise Factor').  She has also developed a passion for creating digital abstract art and has almost 100 pieces in her collection portfolio and looking to doing  gallery showings soon.


Tehillah currently lives in Pontiac MI, USA with her loving and inspiring husband Avraham and looks forward to seeing you all at the Pontiac Farmers Market.



She will be teaching a balcony/deck container garden course to show the many items when short on space which can be used to plant in. (ie. Bucket, pots, shoes and boots, 5 gallon buckets or water bottles, burlap bags etc.)

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