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Pontiac Farmers Market (PFM) Business Plan


Executive Summary


Fueled with the leadership of a powerful tag team in entrepreneur/yoga instructor/community activist Stacy Bishop and veteran/trainer/entrepreneur Jermaine “Max Maine” Branner, the Pontiac Farmers Market (PFM) brand has been launched successfully and introduced to the market with a series of 8 pop-up events, which allowed the PFM team to capture lessons from the experience, demographic data and a clearer sense of the right path forward.


The vision of the PFM founders is broad and aggressive, seeing the opportunity to have a positive impact on access to fresh produce and healthy lifestyles, recreation, community and economic development, access to affordable housing, and many other important opportunities in Pontiac. The programmatic elements of what PFM hopes to achieve will happen in sequence and through a partnership referral model where PFM will partner and refer with Pontiac-based nonprofits, businesses and government instead of reinventing the wheel.


The core business model of PFM during its organizational phase will focus primarily on the market and strategies around the actual farmers market, specifically around the following key elements:


  1. The Farmers Market – PFM will operate a weekly farmers market at a location TBD that will lease stalls to food producers, farmers, craft food artisans and others with written leases and terms to be negotiated.

    1. PFM Leadership is working to identify a long-term home for the market and right now is most focused on 48 West Huron, behind the former Oakland Press building

    2. PFM is studying the example of other farmers markets around Oakland County, the region, the state, country and world to determine the model that will best serve the needs of Pontiac.

    3. PFM is undertaking a community survey to better understand the needs and preferences of Pontiac residents, wishing to offer the healthy food choices citizens prefer.


  1. Promoting Pontiac’s Food System and Community – PFM will help to coordinate the city’s community garden network by creating and strengthening partnerships with key stakeholders across the agricultural, nutrition, government and other key sectors.

    1. PFM leadership is reaching out to the network of community gardens, nonprofits and food organizations in Pontiac to identify potential sources of Pontiac-produced produce to sell at the PFM. PFM hopes to achieve a level of 50% Pontiac-produced produce in the first 3 years and 100% within 7-10 years.

    2. PFM hopes to partner with Growing Pontiac, Micah 6 and other food producing organizations to provide an additional avenue for the sale of their produce, hoping to supplement the great work of Sprout and others. PFM hopes that these partners can provide up to 50% of the food offered at the PFM.

    3. PFM hopes to partner with the Oakland County Farm Bureau and others to get a pipeline of locally-produced goods to supplement what is grown right in Pontiac.


  1. Building a Entrepreneurial Launchpad – PFM will support the efforts of local community gardeners to create their own small business, connecting them with entrepreneurial supports such as the Financial Empowerment Center at the County Treasurer’s Office.

    1. PFM believes that every community garden should be organized into an LLC with ownership held by the neighbors who help work the community garden.

    2. PFM wants to rely on the network of entrepreneurial supports that are out there to help the Pontiac Community Garden community realize its fullest entrepreneurial potential through using the PFG as a launchpad to larger scale food production and small business success.


As PFM establishes expertise in these elements, it will continue to grow its organization into the additional subject areas described above.

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