The Pontiac Farmers Market is the brain-child of local residents,  and community health and wellness leaders.They are committed to creating inviting spaces for fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness education and resources. With health at the forefront of everyone's minds due to recent events, they saw a need to help Greater-Pontiac area residents take back control of their health: physically, mentally, and socially, by supplying fresh produce and natural products, supporting local businesses, and creating health awareness through events and education. The Pontiac Farmer's Market, along with its partners and supporters, will set the stage to spotlight health equity in South-East Michigan.

PFM creates an opportunity to foster and develop community health in a tangible way, with the potential to affect generations to come.


Our Goals

What We Do

•Cultural diversity is crucial to support a thriving town and will be invited and supported through various events such as hosting local cultural festivals, celebrations, & mini markets. We are creating a destination for all to feel welcome and invited.  


•Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generations' ability to meet their needs. We have to set the stage for our youth, the future leaders. We have to strive to leave this earth as intact as humanly possible. We have to model for the youth. We have to teach them. It's simple to think about the now, yet we must be considerate of life after us. The market will promote & teach about sustainable living through limiting food & water waste, recycling, reusing and offering our own PFM bag for shopping to limit waste. Every effort matters! 



•Community Culture is so important to create and enhance any downtown. We will weave in music, meaning & memories to give attendees an experience to remember through their senses of tasting nutritious food, hearing inviting tunes, smelling freshness from the market & feeling good to be a part of a supportive thriving community.  


•Gardening resource center-we are collaborating with garden-based local non-profits, MSU extension, and other gardening professionals willing to support this experiential offering at the market. 


•Feeding the Homeless

The problem of homelessness and hunger plagues any downtown urban city. We have a local veteran's non-profit offering funding to cover the meals donated to those in need.  


•Support for Mothers on government assistance 

You buy we blend. No mess, no stress. You use the bridge card to purchase the fresh veggies & fruits, and we turn it into a fresh juice or smoothie blend. We are offering ongoing Education, Recipes & Resources.


•Promote Positive Mental Health through mindfulness, education, and self-help resources.


•Improve health literacy rate through classes and interactive events.


•Local delivery service - we will be hiring a responsible, reliable delivery service to drop off food to those unable to attend the market. 

Organic Farmers Market